Mum’s the Word: Mother of the Bride/Groom Outfit Inspirations

In honour of the advent of Mother’s Day, I’ve been longing to do MOB (mother of the bride)/MOG (mother of the groom) post so here it is!

Momma K: Kris Jenner, star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians

My absolute favourite celebrity mom is Kris Jenner or as I like to call her, “Momma K”.  With the weddings of her two daughters, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, she’s certainly set the bar high for “motherly fashion” and I think it’s simply wonderful!  Her style sense should be an inspiration to us all, especially for all the moms out there searching for something to wear to their child’s approaching nuptials.

Mothers Royale: Queen Elizabeth II,

Princess Camilla, & Carole Middleton

The whole world watched the much-anticipated wedding of Prince William, son of the late Princess Di (Diana Spencer), to “commoner” Kate Middleton. It was the biggest wedding of the year, in fact the biggest wedding in years period and we all know that a good, royal British wedding is a great place to see fantastic fashion. The mother’s did not disappoint.  Queen Elizabeth II, Wills’ paternal grandmum, Princess Camilla, Wills’ step-mum, and Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother and Wills’ new mum-in-law were all stunning.  In their Easter-coloured suits and trademark flamboyant hats, they were a lovely sight to behold!

We must take a sad moment however, and honour the late Princess Di. Her fashion sense was second to none from her fairtyale wedding to her charity benefits, she was always the picture of iconic fashion. She would have put all the other mums to shame had she lived to see her firstborn marry. We know that when Kate’s time comes to be Queen Mum, she’ll channel her late mum-in-law and be a stunner herself.

Dueling Mamas: Angela Bassett & Loretta Devine in TD JakesJumping the Broom

Angela Bassett, always the epitome of class and elegance was just that in this side-slapping, romantic comedy.  Playing the high class mother of “Sabrina” (Paula Patton), her personality, manners, and yes–fashion sense differed sharply to that of the overbearing, dare I say “ghetto” behaviour of her soon-to-be son-in-law’s mother played by esteemed actress Loretta Devine.  However, uptown or downtown, crème brûlée or sweet potatoe pie, both looked picturesque once they donned the complimentary “buff” coloured ensembles for the wedding.

Mighty Mom: Diane Keaton in Because I Said So

Movie Mom pro, Diane Keaton always does a uniquely wonderful job of “momming” in many of her movies.  My particular favourite “mom role” of hers is in Because I Said So, not so much because of her character (it was rather annoying, which was obviously the point of the movie), but because of her keen fashion sense exhibited by her retro-inspired artsy styles usually finished with a fabulous, full skirt.  She wore the same styles at her (three) daughter’s weddings and later, at her own and she did it absolute justice every time!

Be inspired by our celebrity/movie mom fashions and dream up a wonderful outfit for your own mother!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! xx


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