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Folks, the moment is finally here. As of Monday, Cap Classique will be no longer. As of Monday, you’ll have a brand new shiny site to call your own. Get excited, people. SouthBound Bride is here!

So why SouthBound Bride? Well, picking a name was HARD. In fact, coding the website has been a piece of cake compared to that whole name naming process. Gah. But why I picked SouthBound and why I love it, is because I think it really describes the brides I feature here. Brides who, sometimes, travel to South Africa to have the wedding of their dreams. (Stay tuned for a big announcement for you ladies on Monday!) But it also reminds me of the way I feel (and the way I know so many South Africans and lovers of South Africa feel) – that we are bound to our beautiful land by an invisible thread. I think…

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