DA Weddings’ Picks: Bridal Looks by Lindsay Binnie

Today’s DA Weddings’ Picks is featuring bridal styling by up-and-coming Lindsay Binnie, founder and owner of Your Style Intervention.

The Designer

Former school and church mate of mine, Lindsay is a Des Moines, IA native like myself, and introduces us to another natives: designer, Faythe and Sarah Dornink.  Dornink, a mother-daughter team, designs flattering, feminine looks that any woman would enjoy.  They are a full-fledged fashion house and you can visit their site today here.

The Looks

Lindsey has created three bridal looks for our readers to enjoy.

Felicity Gown Look

The first is the Felicity Gown look.  This couture-inspired gown speaks for itself. It is a ruched, one shoulder gown with beautifully unfinished embellishments and shantung or silk taffeta, beautiful fabrics to reflect the beauty of the bride on her special day.

The updo needs to reflect that style and nothing does that better than this unfinished braid with some fabric woven throughout. Effortless beauty.

A perfect compliment to the Felicity gown, these gold chandelier-style earrings compliment the gold undertones of the raw silk in the gown and are a beautiful addition.

Gabriella Gown Look

The second gown featured is the Gabriella gown.  This gorgeous, silk A-line gown with a cathedral train is unmatched in originality and beauty. The bronze color sets it apart and the detailing throughout the bodice is flattering on any figure. Beautifully different.

With the Gabriella gown, we want to have earrings that are more understated and classic in order to keep the attention on the dress and statement necklace.

Pearls are timeless and classic, but the modern twist to this statement piece is a standout. The golds and bronzes play beautifully with the golden hues in the gown.

This big dress needs some big hair to compliment it. This updo has the volume as well as a sleek look that is needed to perfectly compliment the bride’s gown.

Iman Bubble Gown Look

For the daring bride who loves to make a statement and is brave enough to be different, this Iman Bubble gown is made out of a combination of bubble wrap and satin.  An unforgettable dress for an unforgettable day.

This updo goes beautifully with the gown. The messy, yet refined bun does not distract from all that is going on in the gown and compliments it perfectly. Add gray or white thin headbands or pieces of fabric to add some visual interest as well as helps it tie in with the colors in the gown.

These earrings are simple, yet the perfect touch to the Bubble gown. They don’t distracting from the uniquely beautiful details of the dress.

This necklace is also a meaningful addition to the bubble gown ensemble. It features you and your husband-to-be’s fingerprints on a delicate chain around your neck as you walk down the aisle and into a new life with your better half.

If you’re in the Greater Des Moines area, visit YourStyleIntervention.com today!


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