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Rob Lowry, Guest Author

The best man’s speech is usually the speech most talked about at a wedding. There are exceptions though, and one is when the Groom says something he should never say. I’m here to help you avoid these potential pitfalls which could spoil a great day.

BestManToast1. Insult Your Bride’s Parents – This mistake commonly occurs when then Groom enjoys a great relationship with his in-laws, and so feels they will ‘see the funny side.’ Its one thing to ‘see the funny side’ of a joke, but another thing altogether to be insulted in front of your friends and family by the very man who should respect you more than any, your new son-in-law.

2. Insult the Minister – I once attended a Wedding where the Groom told a joke that included the Vicar. The Minister in question, who was sat at the top table alongside the…

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