Satin & Snowflakes

Today’s inspirational post on Martha Stewart came at a great time: I was just asked yesterday by a bride about how to incorporate her favorite colour, hot pink, into her wedding without it looking tacky or over-the-top. In my opinion, bright colours at a wedding should be used in the details so they don’t overpower the wedding. I told her I would have something on Satin & Snowflakes in the morning for her and when I woke up today, good ol’ Martha had an email sitting in my inbox with this post. It really exemplifies how elegant and vibrant pink details can make at your wedding. Hopefully you can use some of these ideas too!

Floral Centerpiece

Fuchsia peonies, sweet peas, and anemones pop against a sandy backdrop. Add dimension by combining vessels in various styles, materials (earthenware, smoked glass), and tones.

Fuchsia Flower Glossary

When it comes to flowers…

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