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You are not the only one getting remarried. Approximately 43% of weddings today are in fact second marriages for one or both partners. It’s sometimes said that those getting married for a second time have the benefit of experience and perspective. Hopefully you are probably a little older and a lot wiser; you know yourself better and understand where you’re prepared to compromise and where you won’t.

2ndMarriage“At this point, you’re more rooted in what you want out of life and out of a partner,” explains wedding planner Toni DeLisi of Memorable Events. “You’re not as concerned what everyone thinks.” That’s why she says, “there’s nothing better than working with an encore bride. She’s not all nervousness and indecisiveness this time. She and her husband-to-be truly appreciate finding love the second time—and they can picture precisely how they want to celebrate.”

“As an encore bride, the butterflies are flying…

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