DA Weddings’ Picks: Lilies of the Valley by Nicole Winnett

If there is one thing no wedding can do without, it’s flowers. Flowers are simple, natural joys that liven up any ceremony and reception. To me, flowers represent life and presence. In honor of the coming of May, I wanted to introduce the Lily of the Valley which is the flower for the month of May. There are several ways to incorporate this dainty floret into your wedding ceremony and reception and I’m going to show you how.

Lilies of the Valley are beautiful by themselves or wrapped in ribbon with other blooms such as Garden Roses. Due to their short growing season, these bell-shaped gems are not accommodating for every bride.

They can get a little pricey when using them for your wedding because, due to their small nature, you have to buy a large number to make a small bouquet. But watch out! Like our brides, these heavenly scented beauties are quite fragile so you must handle them with care.

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About the Author

Nicole Winett Smith is the Chief Creative Coordinator & Founder of Everything Coordinated LLC., an Event Planning Company located in Torrance, CA. Nicole creatively coordinates special events, weddings, and all the amazing events surrounding “I do”. You can follow her blog Your Cake & Eat It Too! and chat with her directly on Facebook and on Twitter {@Eventsbyetc}.


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