Lord of the Rings Wedding Inspiration

So I was sitting writing today about wedding themes I’ve created based off of books and movies, and then it hit me–I haven’t done a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) wedding theme yet! Woe is me, for this is one of my favourite movie/book sets!

How can you not love the realms that author J.R.R. Tolkien created and producer Peter Jackson gave life to? The ethereal greenery of Middle Earth spanning Hobbiton, Rivendell, Rohan, and Minas Tirith aka the White City. It makes the perfect inspiration for a fairy tale like wedding.

The bride can don an Arwen-like dress and fairy circlet as she carries a glorious cascading bouquet.

As for scenery, make sure you’re in–or at least near–woodland environment. You can even create one if you’re getting married indoors.  Everything else from there is details: Tolkienesque fonts on all the of stationary (invitations, programs, menus, place cards, etc.), maps of Middle Earth for decor, the LOTR soundtrack and other similar music such as Enya, an ethereal glow from candles and other-worldy lanters, etc., and much more.

Whichever elements you choose to pronounce, you are sure to have a fabulous, (somewhat geeky), and wonderful wedding!

For more LOTR wedding inspiration, click here.

P.S. For all my LOTR/Tolkien fans, here’s a shameless The Hobbit movie trailer clip!


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