Finding Neverland Wedding Inspiration

One of my favourite movies in the entire world is Finding Neverland.  Starring the dashing Johnny Depp, ever-lovely Kate Winslet, and heart-wrenching Freddie Highmore among others, this is the story of the life of author J.M. Barrie who penned the childhood classic, Peter Pan.  It actually unfolds to us how the famous tale came about and all the unimaginable inner-workings of Barrie’s wonderful mind.

I will force my [future] children to watch this and they will love it.

This Finding Neverland theme can be easily supported by fantastic florals, pixe-like bridal party attire, a venue surrounded by greenery, once night hits, candlelight that the fairies can dance by. Whatever you would find in Neverland, you can place in this wedding theme.  However, balancing it with the elegance and richness of 1903 London will give it that fundamental contrast seen throughout the film.

So for those of your who are equally obsessed with Finding Neverland, Johnny Depp, the fantastic, or just have a lovely, large imagination, choose Finding Neverland for your wedding theme.


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