Meet BeeARTisan

BeeARTisan specialises in bespoke, luxury keepsake wedding favours, both elegant and beautiful. BeeARTisan’s exclusive favour ranges are intended to withstand time with elegance and beauty.  Art, innovation, and sharing something precious are at the very core of BeeARTisan’s source of inspiration.  And therefore, new creations never cease to captivate and leave an evocative stamp of style. All of BeeARTisan’s ever-expanding ranges are its exclusive, very own niche concepts.

The SIGNATURE Range, mainly created for the top table, is making available unique commissions for creating personalised handcrafted solid metal labels in either 9ct Gold, Sterling Silver, Bronze or Copper that are then placed on stylish 140g pure honey filled glass jars of provenance, directly sourced with 100% pure silk & sealing wax seals.  The labels can be further customised by adding a semi-precious gem bead from an eclectic choice such as Natural Baltic Amber or Freshwater Pearl, the most discerning range.

The ARTISAN Range, with Timeless Handwritten Calligraphy on Luxury Paper Card or on Genuine Papyrus or Silver-Effect Aluminium or Gold-Effect Brass offers the selection of pure materials of unrivalled charm to create Bespoke labels on cute 40g honey filled glass jars with an Eco-ribbon colour of choice such as Magnificent Ivory, Royal Blue, Dark Woodland Green, Ruby Red or Lagoon Turquoise.

The SERENDIPITY Range takes the romantic favour to a whole new level.  The current choice of Love Pots, little terracotta-soft white pots with real moss and a paper rose or Love Boards, little blackboards – that can double up as Place Names – made by BeeARTIsan using FSCertified Pine wood, in rectangle or heart shape with artistic finish details or Love Hearts romantic 3D metal lace white hearts that come with a choice of Eco-ribbon colour of choice are BeeARTisan’s ever evolving, trend setting or trend pegging, concept compositions.

BeeARTisan’s pursuit for attention to detail led to the design of its very own stylish art graphic, for its Guest Luxury Gift Bags to complete the presentation of its favours.  Printed in Luxury silver tones each gift bag conveys a thank you message to the guest: “Your Original Keepsake – Love & Nature Inspired – We Thank You”.  The favour inside is wrapped in quality acid free tissue paper and the gift bag is finished off with an Eco-ribbon colour of choice.

Since 2012 is the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Year, also the year of the Olympics, BeeARTisan made available the option to place fine quality cotton woven Union Jack on its labels from the Serendipity range.

BeeARTisan’s creativity never stops, new additions are constantly in the making and evoke is its latest innovation aimed to be used with the Love Pots & Love Boards favours, whereby each can be infused from a choice of pure oil blend essential oils and fragrances with dominant aromas of: Orange Blossom, Rosewood, White Rose, Ylang Ylang, Orange, Rosa Damascena, Cinnamon or Jasmine.  Due to demand the pure blend oil infusions can also be purchased separately.

BeeARTisan always welcomes enquiries for creating a keepsake favour that becomes a mark of timelessness & elegance at and wishes every couple a Happy Planning!


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