El Rey Jesus Wedding Theme

So this one post is especially near and dear to my heart since it’s featuring my “home-away-from-home” as far as churches go: El Rey Jesus (ERJ).  ERJ a.k.a King Jesus Ministry is the fastest growing Hispanic church in the U.S. and is also classified as a mutli-cultural church.  The  church is pastored by Apostle Guillermo & Pastor Ana Maldonado.

The church, located in Miami, FL, is simply brimming with supernatural happenings permeating every where the ministers and members go.  Not to mention, it’s a lovely place of worship by anyone’s standards.

The Sanctuary 

The sanctuary itself, a 6,000 seater, is a wonder to behold. With a stunning altar featuring a life-like nature scene and their signature dove-encompassing-the-world emblem.  Richly decorated to reflect their love for the God they worship, the ERJ sanctuary is a most enviable place to be married.

So if you’re a member or friend of the church, I would hope that you’d have ERJ at the top of your list for wedding ceremony venues.

The Theme

This particular photograph of the sanctuary displays gorgeous blue and green lighting which makes for a perfect peacock theme.  I immediately took this and ran with it.  Enjoy!

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