DA Weddings’ Picks: Summer Wedding Colours

We haven’t done DA Weddings’ Picks recently and we’re sorry, but we’re back and enthusiastic to share with you our summer colour picks!

Yellow & Black

I’ve been absolutely dying to share this colour scheme with you all!  It totally reminds me of the richness and elegance of Versailles.  And yet, you can mix it up and create any theme or feel you like.

Peach & Ivory

Peach and Ivory is a most elegant colour scheme to choose for your wedding ceremony, not to mention it’s huge this summer season.  You can play with the different shades of peach as well as white to choose the combination that suits you and your groom’s personality best and then go from there.

Purple & Orange

This is definitely a bold colour combination and certainly reminiscent of summer in all it’s glory. The right bride could definitely pull this off without making it look like an ode to the Phoenix Suns–unless, of course, you want it to look like that.


 Yellow in and of itself is probably the most vibrant and “sunshiney” colour to choose which makes it perfect for a summer wedding.  You can have a Shabby Chic, country feel or an elegant, ritzy feel; it’s entirely up to you.


When white parties start happening, you know it’s summer!  And a white party wedding is even more exciting.  It adds an ethereal glow to absolutely everything.  It can be dreamy, contemporary, Southern, or eclectic.  Choose how you want to implement white in your summer wedding.

Peach & Green

Peach and green is also a big summer wedding colour combination that can be dressed up several ways.  Everything theme from Farm Chic and Fairy Tale to traditional and Tea Party, no wedding theme is left out with this colour combo.

Yellow & Turquoise

Our last and final colour scheme pick is yellow and turquoise.  It’s not something I ever would have thought of, but it’s fabulous just the same.  Will you be bold enough to select this colour scheme for your summer wedding?

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