Satin & Snowflakes

I was looking for unique cake stands and found some really beautiful designs, but this one stood out as the most creative, and by far the most unique! Created by Bubby and Bean (you have to visit their blog – it’s incredible). Here are the DIY instructions for this rockin’ dessert stand!

1. Attach 4 self-stick felt pads (found at most hardware or craft stores), evenly spaced, on the bottom of the largest record (33 1/3 rpm).  These will act as “feet” to make the base of your stand more stable and give it a little height.  In place of self-stick pads, you can also cut circles from a piece of felt and glue them on.

2. Pick up the screw, and place one metal washer onto the screw post, followed by one felt washer.  (The metal washer is important for the large record because it helps distribute the weight…

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