Celtic Woman: Bridal Inspiration

There are only a few things in this world that make my Celtic blood pulse when I experience them: Celtic music (Enya, Riverdance, etc.), rainy days that make everything “Emerald Isle Green”, and certain fairy tales, and these photographs. If you’re silent, you can hear the music yourself…”The Voice” by Celtic Woman is playing in my life’s background as I post this blog for you.

Can’t you just see Arthur‘s Guinevere leading him through the wood to Merlin (King Arthur) or William Wallace‘s Murron meeting him in the grove to marry in secret (Braveheart)?! Be inspired by these Celtic goddesses and remember your Celtic roots (real or imagined) on your own nuptial day!

P.S. I’ve here are the links to a few of my other favourite Celtic Woman songs, maybe you’ll be inspired to use them on your wedding day as well!

Scarborough Fair”   “Walking on the Air”   “The Butterfly”   “The Blessing


3 thoughts on “Celtic Woman: Bridal Inspiration

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