Daisy’s Cupcakes

Daisy Cupcakes is a little gem-of-a-business based in the heart of Warwick, the county town of Warwickshire. Owned and run by Alison Goddard, known to most people as Daisy, it was formed a year and a half ago and continues to become more and more popular amongst those looking for something a little different.

Alison creates exquisite little cakes, often described as edible works of art. They make a stunning statement served on a tiered cake stand at a wedding or special event, always memorable and always delicious. Daisy Cupcakes can also be sent by post–the perfect gift and a delicious alternative to flowers.

Alison is passionate about attention to detail and as a perfectionist, her cakes are meticulously decorated to look amazing. She loves working closely with her customers to coordinate the colours and decorations with the theme of the occasion–a wedding dress, flowers, a birthday, and more. She has been asked on several occasions to create cakes for photo shoots working with an inspiration board to create the perfect colour palette. Alison adores pushing the boundaries and trying new techniques, always loving to blend new colours and hand craft new decorations.

Recently, she has added sugar lace making to her skills and the cakes decorated with the edible lace have been incredibly popular, particularly for weddings. The Jubilee celebrations later in the year have inspired ‘The Jubilee Collection’–faded red, off white and vintage blue decorations all overlaid with lace–gorgeous.

When she is not baking and creating, Alison is a Peripatetic Registrar, travelling around the licensed wedding venues of Warwickshire conducting Civil Ceremonies. She loves it, and it gives her an opportunity to be nosy–to people watch–and to keep up with trends in the wedding world. She always has a peek at the cake table and on several occasions has been fortunate to not only make the wedding cakes for a couple, but to then also officiate the wedding ceremony. What a privilege!

At the end of her garden is The Daisy Studio, a beautifully converted summer house, full of vintage pretties, an oasis of tranquillity and calm. Here, customers are invited for tea and cake to discuss their orders and students come to learn the tricks of the trade … workshops are regularly held teaching others how to create beautiful adornments for their cakes.

Alison also writes a blog –The Journal of Daisy Cupcakes (http://www.daisycupcakes.wordpress.com ). There are three entries a week and on a Friday, she includes a delicious recipe with step-by-step easy instructions for perfect results. It has become a bit of a hit on a Friday, ‘Something For the Weekend’.

About the Author

You can see lots more information and trillions of photos on her website www.daisycupcakes.net and a daily diary of Daisy happenings at Facebook. Give Alison a call when you next need an original gift or you are planning an event. She would love to bake for you and we assure you you will love her baking!


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