How to Get the Best Pictures on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding photos can be greatly improved by keeping the photography in mind when scheduling your event and selecting locations for your special day.

If you are having an outdoor ceremony or a daytime wedding, you should be aware that the light for photography is best in late afternoon or early evening. During the middle of the day, there can be a lot of harsh sunlight on your face which causes unflattering shadows around the eye sockets and under the chin. The sky is also likely to be over-exposed, “blown out”, and overall, it’s best to avoid this part of the day for outdoor photography if at all possible.

With that in mind, it’s always best to try to schedule ceremonies and portraits during a time when the sun will not be too bright; one to two hours before sunset is usually the best time. If you are having your ceremony outdoors in the middle of the afternoon, make sure that you will be shaded by a canopy, tree, or other object.

If you are having an evening wedding, it is always best to try to get some photos during the daytime – even if that means taking some pictures before the ceremony. This will give you a broader range of ‘looks’ for your day.

With this advice in mind, selecting your venue as well as your ceremony and reception times just became that much easier! For a consultation or booking, contact Farnaz K today!

About the Author

Farnaz K is a highly accomplished, New York-based, professional photographer. She has photographed for fashion as well as a limited number of weddings each year. She has been published in various prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Le Parisien, Town & Country, New York Wedding, New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Ocean Drive, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Irish Times, and others.

Farnaz’s goal is to create each couple’s wedding photos at the same level of quality as those she submits in fashion magazines and editorial shoots.  You can visit Farnaz K Studio’s site at, on Facebook, call Farnaz at 212.529.5390, or email her at


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