Keepsake Bows

Keepsake Bows was created by a busy mother in a “grrrr moment”. It was Christmas Eve, and I ran out of tape.  Frustrated, I thought, “Why, doesn’t someone make a clip on bow?” Then, the idea was born.

Keepsake Bows, is now much more than just a clip on bow.  It is a patent-pending gift jewelry clip that closes a bag, holds a card, and a bow all while leaving everything totally re-usable. The clips can attach to cards, bottles, (how cool is that?) and so much more.  I know I haven’t even figured out all the uses yet, but I hope to!

I never would have thought a “grrrr moment” from lack of tape would develop into something elegant, beautiful, practical, and also green [eco-friendly] because it can be re-used.

For those of you planning your weddings, we have many beautiful bridal designs and can do custom orders as well.  Your guests would love a memento they can use again and again each time they remember your special day.

If you attend a shower, I know you want to give the prettiest present in the room.  Well, now you can!  These gorgeous clips are sure to wow everyone as well as cause that special card you made to be seen and not hidden by an envelope.

Simple, practical, beautiful, and green.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


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