Bridesmaid Gifts: Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

The time has come, the preparations for the happy couple’s special moment are complete and it’s time to say thank you to all of the girls that stuck around during the ups and the downs.  At ByBecca, we hear a lot of stories from happy brides designing their perfect toasting glasses, but we’ve noticed one of the most forgotten details of wedding production are the very deserving and very patient bridesmaids. Look brides, it’s your big day, we all know that. You’ve planned every detail to the last sequin to make your wedding day the day you’ve dreamt about since you were four, but even though you may not want to admit it, you didn’t do it all by yourself. There were dress fittings, bridal showers, last minute emergency trips, all facilitated by your very loving bridesmaids, without complaint! So please! Don’t forget them!

One of our customers told us a sad story of a thank you gift she received after a girlfriend’s wedding. All of the bridesmaids were given a candle that they were supposed to burn a year later on the couple’s anniversary to remember them. As a single girl and longtime bridesmaid—let’s call her “K”—was floored that after all of the work she had put into making her dear friend’s wedding a dream come true, the bride didn’t really even think to really let K know how thankful she was! Even a year after, the bride was really only thinking about herself!

So brides, don’t be that bride. Be considerate in your bridal party gift selection.  Take the time to choose a bridal gift unique to the bridesmaids. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Gifts like jewelry are useful, but can be expensive.  A personalized gift like a hand-painted wine glass can be made to reflect the bridesmaid’s taste perfectly and also very reasonably priced. They’ve worn the uncomfortable teal shoes, they’ve rescheduled their yoga class eight times to be available for endless china pattern shopping, they’ve even put on a fake smile to hold arms with your husband’s creepy cousin during the wedding pictures. Don’t you think they deserve a little treat?  Choose a personalized gift that can be made in their favorite color, with their favorite flowers/patterns, their name, and even imagery that reflect their personalities. Choose ByBecca to hand-paint wine glasses as gifts for your bridal party today!

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