Love Takes Flight

When Christian and Katie met, they shared an instant attraction. The very first time they spoke on the phone it lasted for hours. And on their first date, Christian pictured what Katie would look like in a wedding dress. “When you know, you just know.” A proposal was sure to follow.

Katie came into Christian’s life at the perfect time. He needed a date for a friend’s wedding. The traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony was done to perfection. A large group of the wedding attendees flew to and from Greece to be present at the wedding. This prompted Christian to start his own jet chartering service.

As The Leto Group’s chartering service took flight, so did Christian and Katie’s love. They plan on marrying in September 2012 and they will be most definitely be chartering a plane to fly in their loved ones.  We would like to congratulate Christian and Katie on their engagement and wish them a long life of happiness together.

About the Company

The Leto Group’s private jet charter service is the perfect way to transport your loved ones to your wedding. Contact Christian for a booking at The Leto Group today!     


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