Olanthe Satin Wedding Shoes

Your wedding dress is made of beautiful fabric, why not your wedding shoes as well? Olanthe is a new brand of wedding shoes just launched inFrance. The label is the creation of Cynthia Green, who marries local savoir faire and textiles to create unique and tactile shoes.

Our goal is to enhance the beauty of the bride and her entourage with an elegance and comfort that will help you to enjoy this special day even more. Each pair is crafted in an atélier in the south ofFranceand finished by hand so that no two pairs are completely identical. In a pair of our shoes the bride and her bridal party can relax and enjoy every moment of the day.

All models in this collection are made from the same satin so you can match the shoes of the ladies and girls in your wedding party to your own.

Since our shoes are a celebration of artisanal craftsmanship, we looked to our history for inspiration. This first collection is inspired by French courtly shoes of the 17th century, in particular during the reign of Louis XIV.  The delicate satin, closed toes and ribbons were chosen to bring a regal feeling to your wedding—it is, after all, your day!

About Olanthe

You can find more information about our stockists, our philosophy, and our shoes on our website and Facebook in English and in French, or drop us a note at contact@olanthe.fr.  We look forward to hearing from you! 


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