DIY Wedding Veil

Would it surprise you to know creating your own wedding veil is relatively easy? Even if you are a 2 to 3 on the 10-point scale of “craftiness” scale (like me), you can still custom-make a veil with a blusher, comb, beading, and trim of your choice.

Why Make your Own Wedding Veil?

There are a variety of reasons:

  • You know what you want, but are having trouble finding it.
  • You are on a low budget (as almost everyone is these days) and are looking to cut expenses any way you can.
  • The third reason is courtesy of Two Heart Birds. Making your veil together with another family member or your future M.I.L. (Mother-in-Law) can be a bonding experience. “It would be an amazing gift to hand down to generations”.

What You Need

While creating a veil is relatively easy, you will need to do a bit of planning. Supplies you will want to have on hand when you begin are:

  • tulle netting
  • wrapping paper (for a pattern)
  • non-porous work surface
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • toothpicks or straight pins
  • flexible fabric glue
  • veil comb
  • large-eye needle
  • something to measure with
  • pins
  • and whatever decorations you want on your veil (lace, beading, embroidery, etc.)

Veil Creation Steps

In general, there are five steps to completing your veil. I’ve summarized them below. Please visit my site for detailed videos.

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Tulle:

The total amount of tulle you will need is the length you want your veil to be plus the length of your blusher. To cut the material into the shape of an oval veil:

  • First, make a simple pattern by tracing the end of a rounded table onto the wrapping paper, then cut.
  • Next, pin the curved pattern to one end of the tulle (make sure the curve is toward the open side of the material) and cut the curve, using the pattern as a guide.
  • Finally, fold the cut end over the uncut, then cut the second end in an identical shape to make the oval of material.

Step 2: Mark Off and Shape the Blusher:

Working from one end of the material, measure out the length of your blusher and make light pencil marks where the blusher will end and the veil begins. Next, gather the veil with your fingers along that line to get an idea of what it will look like when completed. (These gathers are temporary. You will make them permanent in Step 4.) Adjust the length as needed, making sure to mark your new length. If you prefer your blusher less full, trim off some of the material from each side.

Step 3: Glue on Decorations:

Using your non-porous surface, carefully glue your trim in the preferred sections around the veil. When each section is semi-dry, gently pry it up from the surface to prevent a complete bond. When you have finished the edging, use the same procedure to glue decorations onto the veil itself.

Step 4: Make Permanent Gathers:

Here, you are going to make gathers across the material, along the line that separates the veil from blusher. Using your pencil marks as a guide, first, secure the thread onto the edge of the material with a knot. Next, make a few tiny gathers by using your fingers to “walk” across the material. Then, push the needle through your gathers and pull thread tight. Repeat until you reach the opposite edge of the material. Finally, compress the gathers so they are the width of the comb and tie off the thread with a knot.

Step 5: Sew On the Comb:

There are different methods of attaching a veil comb. In this tutorial, I explain how to wrap a comb and sew it to a veil. First, cut a strip of scrap tulle, about six inches wide by twelve inches long. Roll the material into a foot long tube. Next, wrap it around the base and between each tooth of the veil comb until the base is completely covered in material. Tuck the ends of the material under the tulle or knot them securely with needle and thread. To sew the wrapped comb to your veil:

  • Position the comb so that, when sewn on, it will be attached at the gathers with the blusher on top; the curve against your head, and the teeth pointing backward.
  • Sew the comb on with a whip stitch, threading through both the gathers and tulle on the base of the comb. Then secure with a knot.
  • Tidy up by snipping any extra threads, carefully rubbing out any visible pencil marks, and using scissors to trim around the veil’s edges as needed.
 Congratulations, your veil is now complete!

About the Author

Bobette Kyle is owner and publisher of, which helps you create your dream wedding on a DIY budget. The site houses tips, tutorials, and videos, plus a unique search engine that allows you to simultaneously search products from hundreds of merchants ranging in size from well-known department stores to unique boutiques. Visit today!


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