The Gift & Memory of Flowers

In today’s ultra fast-paced world, the expression, “stop and smell the flowers” takes on an even more significant meaning.  Flowers hold very strong roots in history and various cultural celebrations. In some traditions, flower petals have been sprinkled over newly married couples to shower them with blessings while also protecting them from evil, while other traditions have couples exchange floral garlands instead of wedding rings as a symbol of their love. In addition, some henna patterns offer floral designs indicating that culture’s fondness of flowers. Some couples even choose to plant flowers on their wedding day or at the birth of their baby, as a gentle reminder each year, of the special event that has taken place. Flowers will always hold a special place during momentous occasions due to their beauty and lovely fragrances.

Today our lives are so rushed that it seems as if we can only find time to get together with our family and friends during truly special occasions. Well, what if you could combine the memory of a special event like a wedding or bridal shower by seeing and smelling the flowers, literally?

 One beautiful way to commemorate and remember a special occasion, your  special occasion,  is by offering the gift of flowers to your guests in the form of elegant custom seed favors.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the flowers grown from these personalized seed packets could serve as a fragrant reminder of one of life’s special landmark events?

Please visit our online shop to see the many samples of our flower seed packet favors for assorted events and consider us for your next special occasion. Give the living gift of flowers and plant your memories today.

About Party Favor Website

Party Favor Website offers a full line of Custom Flower Seed Packet Favors & Luxury Invitations for all events.  Why give your guests favors that may end up gathering dust, when you can send them home with eco- friendly living reminders of your event? Give them the gift that grows year after year. What better, more beautiful way to remember your special day!

We also offer handy tips, money saving suggestions, and assorted ideas on all types of event planning such as Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and so much more. Visit our online boutique at and “like” us on Facebook


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