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Jane Johnson, Guest Author

Use your smartphone to get ready for your big day!

Hmmm. Probably not a good idea! 😉

Planning your wedding can be stressful, and you won’t always have time to sit at home on your computer, getting everything together. These apps will let you do almost everything from your phone, so that you can make it to your cake-tasting, dress-fitting, dance lessons and more, without losing track of anything.

1. Wedding Plandroid (Android) – Wedding Plandroid easily takes the top spot for wedding apps. It’s clean, functional, and free—and it accomplishes things that many paid apps don’t. It starts you off with a pre-loaded budget and to-do list from which you can add, edit, or remove whatever you like—so you don’t have to think of everything yourself, but you’re also able to plan for your unique ideas. It also features a countdown to the big…

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