Flowers: Who Gets What?

Brides are often unsure about who should have flowers for the big event.  With so many different people involved, and so many options for bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, pomanders, and so on, it can get a bit complicated.  So here is a little guide to the traditional protocol for wedding party flowers.  Of course, many brides do not necessarily follow this depending on who will actually be at the wedding, their budget, and the look and formality of the event, but this is what tradition says:


The Bride (of course!) – bouquet

Bridesmaids/Maid of Honor – bouquets or corsages (though pomanders and flower clutches are becoming increasingly popular)

Mother of the bride – corsage

Mother of the groom – corsage

Grandmothers – corsages

Flower Girls – mini bouquets, headpieces, pomanders, corsages, etc.

With corsages for the women, you can choose pin-on or wrist corsages.  Consider the look/style you want, as well as what the women will be wearing.  For example, a strapless dress is not very conducive to a pin-on corsage – not much room for pinning!

You may also want to consider step-mothers, sisters-in-law, or other family members who may not be part of the official “wedding party” but who you want to feel included.


The Groom (of course!) – boutonniere

Groomsmen/Best Man – boutonnieres

Father of the bride– boutonniere

Father of the groom – boutonniere

Grandfathers – boutonniere

Ringbearer – boutonniere

Like with the women, don’t forget to think about any step-fathers, brothers-in-law, or other family members that may need to be included beyond the wedding party.

Pastors/officiants often receive a boutonniere/corsage; and if you have any ushers or other attendants, they also often wear boutonnieres.  But of course, this varies with every wedding.  Many brides decide not to extend the wearing of wedding party flowers out to the grandparents, and others extend it out to many other family members (brothers- and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews, etc) who may not be part of the official wedding party, but who they want to feel included or match for pictures.

The main things to think about when deciding who you want to have flowers for your wedding day are these three things:

  1. What do you want your wedding, and your pictures, to look like?
  2. Are there people you need to be sure feel included in your big day?
  3. What is your budget?

Non-floral options have also become more popular recently for the wedding party – parasols or matching clutch purses for the bridesmaids, and pocket handkerchiefs for the groomsmen.  Just think about the look and style you want for your wedding, and what will best achieve that perfect look for you.

About the Author

Megan Seawright is the owner and lead designer of The Flower Girl, a floral design studio based in Alpine, Utah.  She has been working in the floral industry for six years, and decided to venture out on her own doing wedding floral design about three years ago.  Flowers have always been a passion for hers, and turning a bride’s floral visions into reality is such a wonderful way to share that passion. Visit The Flower Girl today and like them on Facebook as well!


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