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At The Wedding Community we love candles, so we were absolutely delighted when we received some samples of the beautiful Floral Candle Pots from St Eval Candle Company. Before we had even opened the package we could smell the most amazing fragrant aroma.

Pink Rose Candle Pot from St Eval Candle Company

If you are looking for simple, affordable and stylish decorations for your wedding we highly recommend these Floral Candle Pots. You could create wonderful arrangements by simply placing these beautiful candles around the room and on the tables, not to mention the most amazing aroma.

Blue Springflower Candle Pot from St Eval Candle CompanyDisplayed in a terracotta pot which is overlaid with a delicate pattern, these hand-poured candles have a burn time of 30 hours and are available in three fragrances…

  • Pink Rose Candle: The warm soft scent of tuber roses
  • Blue Springflower Candle: Fresh green scent of hyacinth, rose and spring flowers
  • Gold Inspiritus Candle: An uplifting blend of aromatic spices including nutmeg, cinnamon…

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