NO ONE, and I really mean NO ONE should be able to resist these. When I found them online, I probably stared at it for a good 5 minutes.

How can you make such intricate candy? OH I DID MENTION THEY ARE EDIBLE??!!?

They come in many flavors and I’m sure in many colors too. OH the sweet pastels… I really wonder how it is made. It must be some kind of mold or something. One mold for one button. The designs are incredibly similar to the real ones. I don’t think I could ever DIY these.

The vintage buttons are so beautiful! For a person who has jars full of buttons, how can I not love these!

Like having the vintage button candies were not enough, they have to tempt me with a vintage chocolate key~

These would be great fun for an intimate party of 10 or so…

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  1. These little buttons make my mouth water. Put away the needle and thread, close your eyes, stick out your tongue and just enjoy!

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