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Finally, the day we anticipated in earnest, after months of intense preparation had arrived. We had mixed feelings of love, joy, anxiety, just hoping and praying things would have gone according to plan. Things never turned out exactly as planned but in the end, the day was perfect, because two hearts became one.

We gathered early in the morning for rehearsal. The garden moist, the sun rays just peeking through the trees and making diamonds of the water droplets, the birds singing and the beautiful Mahoe falls gushing in it’s best performance. We prayed the weather would be perfect. A small change had to be made from the water logged lawn to the rustic pavillion, overlooking  Ocho Rios, with a perfect backdrop of land meeting sea meeting sky.

The bridal party got to serious business as we were warned to follow the timeline of events, by our ever abled coordinator Racquel…

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