Maternity Wedding Dresses

It’s always a sad day when a bride can’t find the dream dress that she’s thinking of.  Modest brides such as Mormons as well as plus size brides are not always able to find the dress of the dreams and instead settle for the dress that fits the necessary requirements.  Another under-served category of brides are pregnant women.  They deserve to have unmistakably lovely dresses just like you and I do.

Some women who’ve made pregnant—in white—look glamourous include reality show star Bethenny Frankel and singer Alicia Keys as well as entertainer Jennifer Lopez and actress Natalie Portman who were not getting married while pregnant, but sported some fabulous wedding-worthy looks on the red carpet while preggo.  This blog will provide you with some awesome maternity dress options for you, no matter your trimester.   Enjoy!

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