Something Turquoise {daily bridal inspiration}

I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately about the best type of glue to use when attaching lace to glass jars… my answer is – none! It is SO much easier to SEW your lace or ribbon together to create a sleeve that fits around your jar, rather than glue lace to a jar. This way you can change it if you want, no need to ruin a nice jar or vase and there is no mess with glue seeping through your lace! Here we go… DIY lace covered mason jars… or any other type of jar for that matter!

DIY Lace Covered Mason Jars via Something Turquoise

Supplies: jars of any kind, two of mine are mason jars and the other three are old jam, and olive jars; lots of wide lace mine was 7″ wide; sewing machine, measuring tape, thread, scissors and the yarn is optional. In this DIY I am keeping it simple and…

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