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Bride resting her head on groom's shoulder - Picture by Rojo Foto Design

Today we have pictures from this beautiful wedding at Wilder Mansion in Illinois, USA, to share with you, photographed by Rojo Foto Design. Not only did Whitney and RW incorporate so much of their lives into the style and vision for their wedding with books, art, libraries and handmade elements, but they surrounded themselves with their amazing friends and family and celebrated in a beautiful way.

“Both RW and I found our wedding theme becoming an idea of natural elegance, although our initial plan of attack for the wedding was to simply pick what we loved; luckily it all fell beautifully into place.

“For our flowers, I found myself drawn to the fresh cotton bolls from the fields of Alabama, Crespedia, Ranunculus, and fresh succulents from the garden. Our cake was ginger and fresh blueberry, with a butter cream frosting pouring between the layers of cake, exposing the browned…

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