As the vintage trend persists {no one’s complaining here!} I see typewriters used in all sorts of styling and I am LOVING it!  I am not kidding you- I have 2 typewriters on my front porch begging to get cleaned up, because they are hard to come by and expensive!  When Alan (the hubby) was cleaning out some of his Nana’s space, he unearthed these, and thought I may want them.  Um, yes please!

typewriter, vintage, wedding, styling, prop

via We Love.Laugh.Kiss

I got inspired to write this post because I just signed up for which is one of those limited time sale sites.  I never buy anything, but I love the stuff they have!

Well today, I saw vintage style typewriters, and they are PURRRDY!!

vintage, typewriter

vintage, typewriter, wedding

zebra, typewriter, awesome, vintage, painted

All images via

I kinda drooled when I saw these.  While I will ALWAYS prefer my tablet to one of these babies, I will completely admit that…

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