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The cocktail hour is fun and a great transition period from ceremony to reception. It is a nice chance for guests to mingle and chat, as well as a good time for the bride and groom to have their photos taken. Don’t skip the cocktail hour as your vendors need time to prepare for dinner, and this can take up to 45 minutes, sometimes an hour.

NOshotsSkipping shots is a good idea. Shots are easier and quicker to get bombed on. It prevents uncle Louie, the groomsmen, and others, etc., from over imbibing.

“If you’re hosting an open bar, ask the bartenders to adhere to a ‘no shot’ policy. Enthusiastic revelers often order rounds for their entire table, some of which go unconsumed. Eliminating that option helps keep down the added costs of late-night trips to the bar.” ~ Megan Weisberg, Wedding Consultant, San Francisco.

Make it clear to…

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