Wedding Dress Alternatives

Not every gal dreams about donning the princess-like ball gown on her special day.  Some of them have more casual or refreshingly unusual ideas such as wearing a suit like Sarah Jessica Parker in the first Sex and the City movie or a really fun short wedding dress like Mary’s in The Wedding Planner movie.  Well if you’re the bride that deviates from the mainstream, then this blog is for you!

Mini Dresses

What a fun and retro idea are these!  This is perfect for the bride with fabulous legs or the desire to dance the night away.  Take a look at these fun picks and see if one doesn’t spark your fancy!

Skirt Suits

I always picture these on the brides who run off to elope at their local city hall (again, thanks to Carrie Bradshaw), but these are for more than just the eloping bride.  Any gal could find the perfect skirt suit is she wants to.  Check out some of our picks and see if you don’t like them!

Pants Suits

Pants suits are an extremely fashion-forward idea, but nonetheless fabulous.  If you’re daring enough, you could certainly make quite a statement at your wedding in a lovely pants suit like these.


These are, without contest, the most brazen choice of all wedding attire.  And yet, they look so stunning that anyone with enough guts can pull it off.  Will you be bold enough to wear a pants suit?


If you’re more traditional like me, then you probably won’t want to wear a mini dress or pants suit to your wedding.  However, there are still options to wear these outfit picks such as a civil wedding ceremony like Princess Charlene of Monaco or as a fun getaway outfit.  The choice is yours.  Happy shopping!


13 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Alternatives

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  4. Hi,

    I am eloping to NYC for a civil ceremony next month and I have been looking for the perfect dress to wear. I absolutely love the 3rd skirt suit, where the lady is holding the flowers with the white suitcase and brown hatbox. Would you happen to know where I could purchase this?

    Thanks so much!

    Happy Bride to Be!

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