Blue Porcelain Wedding Theme

I’ve always loved blue porcelain patterns; they’re so regal and elegant.  That’s why I’ve chosen them for the next wedding theme.

Selecting your china pattern will be the most important element in this theme because it sets the tone for everything else.  There is a plethora of English and Asian patterns to choose from as well as others.  If you’re bold enough, you can even mix the patterns together, alternating them with plain white or blue and white striped china.  Then, you can select coordinating crystal pieces such as wine glasses, vases, candlesticks, ect.

Your wedding gown, if you do not choose to wear traditional white, you can wear a white gown with a blue pattern or even a blue gown.  And it need not be the cornflower or cobalt blue of the porcelain; it could be a soft pale blue or ice blue, different, yet still in coordination with the overall theme.  Your bridesmaids can also look stunning in either blue or a more lively pattern.

For linens, you can select alternating toile prints with unprinted linens in white and or blue.  You can work the prints into your bouquet (wrapped around the stems), any drapery you might have, or the invitations and other wedding stationary.

The blue porcelain theme is perfect for your “something blue” as well.  You may choose shoes like Carrie Bradshaw’s cobalt Manolo’s, earrings, a tiara or headband, a ring, your garter, or even your unmentionables.  It’s up to you!

Whether vintage or Victorian, country or modern, Asian or English, a blue porcelain wedding theme would be ideal!

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